Rx: (n.) Prescription/ Remedy/ Cure/ Directions/ Solution

As a registered nurse, I have explained and instructed hundreds of patients on how to follow their prescriptions or orders from their doctor.

As a CrossFit trainer, I would give clients a daily workout prescription, then help them do their workouts Rx “as prescribed,” or modify their prescription according to their fitness level. 

Throughout my life, I have also had some unique experiences that have really helped me gain a lot of wisdom and knowledge, which I am hopeful I can share here to help others.  I really do feel that older you get, the wiser you get.  

In this blog, Midlife Rx, I’m excited to share my prescriptions, remedies, and solutions for health, fitness, and life in general.  I hope my tips and words of wisdom will help you nourish your mind, body, soul, and style in whatever stage of life you are in!

Thank you for being here!